Text for number 1 to 4

Johnny Ramone, a guitarist and cofounder of the seminal punk band “the Ramones” died. He was 55.

Ramone died in his sleep on Wadnesday afternoon at his Los Angeles, home surrounded by friends and family.

He battled against prostate cancer for five years, and was hospitalized in june at cedars-sinai medical center. Jhnny Ramone, born John cumming, was one of the original members of “the ramones”, whose hit songs  I wanna be sedated and Blitzkrieg BOP, among others, reached the rock and Roll hall of fame in 2002.

Johnny ramone found ‘the ramones’ in 1974 with Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone and Tommy Ramone. The only surviving member of the original band.



1.      The text mainly tells us about……….

a.   Biographical of  Johny Ramone                   d. Biographical of the Ramones band

b.   The way “the Ramones” be famous punk band       e. Prostate cancer

c.   Johny ramone’s death



2.      When was “The Ramones” establishad ?

a.   2004             b. 2002            c. 2011                                    d. 1978                        e. 1974



3.      Which statement is false according to the text ?

a.   Johnny Ramone was a guitarist of “the Ramones”

b.   Johnny Ramone had suffered from prostate cancer for five years

c.   Johnny Ramone was his original name

d.   Johnny Ramone died on Wednesday afternoon

e.   Johnny Ramone’s home was at los Angeles


4.      Johnny Ramone found “the Ramone” in 1974

The synonym of the underlined word is………

a.   Surrounded              c. Worke                                  e. Finished

b.   Established               d. Celebreted


Text for number 5-8

How to boil an egg

Do you know how to boil an egg ? well. This is the way. First of all, heat a saucepan of water on the stove. Then, put the egg in the boiling water. Next, heat it until it boils. After that, cook it for three minutes. Finally leave the agg until I it cools. Now the egg is ready to serve. Don’t forget to serve it with pepper powder and salt.


5.      How many steps must we do in boiling an egg ?

a.   Three                                    c. Five                          e. Seven


b.   Four                          d. Six


6.      What must you do before putting the egg in the boiling water ?

a.   Heat it until it boil                                         d. Leave the agg until it cools

b.   Cook egg for three minutes                           e. Season it with salt and pepper

c.   Heat a saucepan of water on the stove



7.      How long must you cook the egg after it boils ?

a.   Three minutes                       c. Five minutes                                    e. Seven minutes

b.   Four minutes                         d. Six minutes



8.      Don’t forget to server it with pepper and salt.

The word “it” refers to…….

a.   Saucepan                              c. Egg                                       e. Pepper powder

b.   Water                                                d. Salt



9.      Mr.Andre           : Students, this is Miss Fitriani. She is your English teacher

Miss Fitri            : How do you do? My name’s Fitriani. Nice to meet you

Students : …………….. Nice to meet you too

a.   Fine, thanks                                      c. Good morning                     e. Hello

b.   How do you do                                d. Good bay


10.    Teacher               : Good morning, everybody !

Students             : Good morning, Sir !

Teacher               : Do you bring your dictionaries with you today ?

Students             : I do, sir. I bring mine…………what you told us last week

Teacher               : Good students

a.   Thank you                                                                d. I’m afraid I forget

b.   Sorry, I have completely forgotten                          e. Oh, I’m so happy

c.   I remember clearly



11.    Akbar                 : Did you know that the trip to Bali has been cancelled due to bad


Tia                      : Yeah, that’s very disappointing

The underlined words show………

a.   Happiness                                         c. Sympathy                             e. Pleasure

b.   Boredom                                           d. Disappointment


12.    Mery                   : I’m so happy to get a scholarship

Kindu                 : ………………

a.   Fantastic !                                         c. I’m sorry                              e. How boring !

b.   That’s too bad                                   d. Thank you



13.    Ekman………to tuti’s house yesterday

a.   Comes                      b. Came                       c. Had come

d. Is coming                    e. Was coming




14.    Firman                : ……………..There’s a wounded man lying on the road

Helen                  :Oh, my ! what’s the matter with him? Let’s help him

a.   Remember that ?                  c. Look, what I’ve got here                e. I’m sorry

b.   Thank you                            d. What’s next



15.    Mother               : Do you want me to tell you a story about “the sus and the

minotour” darling ?

Doughter            : Really ? Oh please do, mom I can’t wait to hear the story

From the Underlined word, we know that daughter is………

a.   Asking for attention             c. Offering an invitation                     e. Showing sympathy

b.   Showing for attention          d. accepting an invitation



16.    Radi                   : Do you feel like coming to my sister’s birthday party tonight ?

Ica                      : ………………..I’ll be free tonight

a.   I’m afraid I can’t                 c. Oh, that would be great

b.   What’s a pity you are           d. I don’t think so             e. No. I disagree with you



Text for number 17-20

The Golden Eggs

               Long time ago, a remote village, in central China, was inhabited mainly with, farmers and hunters.

One day, a poor farmer lost his entire livestock to flood, He prayed hard to god for help or his family would die of starvation.

Few days later an old man passed by his house took pity on him. He gave him a goose and said “I don’t have any expensive thing to give you and hope this goose will ease your hardship”.

A week later the farmer found an egg in his yard. This was not ordinary egg. It was a golden agg. He was suddenly overcome with Joy.

There after, the livehood had rapidly improved but the farmer had forgotten his earlier hardship. He became lazy, arrogant and spendthrift, strangely, the goose only laid one golden egg every six months. The greedy farmer lost his patient and slaughtered his goose, thinking there were plenty of golden eggs inside its stomach.

Though he very much regretted for his foolishness, it’s already too late.


17.    What kind of text is it ?

a.   Recount                                c. Descriptive                                      e. Report

b.   Narrative                              d. Procedure



18.    Who did give the goose to the farmer ?

a.   It came by it self                   c. He found it in his field                     e. An angel gave it to him

b.   It dropped from heaven        d. An old man passing by his house


19.    The farmer had forgotten his earlier hardship.

The antonym of the underlined word is………

a.   Remembered                                    c. Understood              e. Improved

b.   Written                                  d. Slaughtered


20.    What did the story teach us ?

a.   Don’t believe to everyone    c. Don’t forget to do good deed   e. Be a rich man

b.   Don’t be greedy                    d. Be a arrogant and spendthrift man




21.    1. Bandung Bondowoso asked Roro Jonggrang to marry him

2. Roro Jonggrang agreed to marry Bandung on one condition

3. A long time ago in Prambanan palace lived a king baka and his daughter, Roro Jonggrang

4. One day, Bandung Bondowoso killed king Baka to conquer Prambanan

5. At last, the demins left the temple uncompleted

6. The work has almost finished when Roro made the noisy

7. Then, Bandung asked the demons for help

8. Bandung had to present one thousand temples in one night

The best arrangement of the story is………..

a.   3-6-4-1-8-7-2-5                                c. 3-4-6-1-8-7-2-5                                e. 3-4-2-8-1-7-6-5

b.   3-4-1-2-8-7-6-5                                d. 3-1-4-2-7-8-6-5


22.    Direct speech      : Aurel said, “I studied English  yesterday”

Indirect speech   :

a.   Aurel said that I had studied English yesterday

b.   Aurel said that I had studied  English the day before

c.   Aurel said that she studied English the day before

d.   Aurel said that she had studied English the day before

e.   Aurel said that she had studied English yesterday


23.    Mr.Andre said “Alfa, close the door please”

Mr.Andre asked Alfa………..

a.   to close the door                   c. Close to the door                              e. Not to close the door

b.   Close the door                      d. To not close the door


Dialogue for number 24-25

Tuti                     : Would you like a cup of tea, Ms.Sherly

Ms.Sherly           :…………..(24) Thank you, hmmm this tea tastes good and smells fragrant too.

Tuti                     : Thank you. I’m happy you like it


24.    What is the appropriate expression to complete Ms.Sherly’s sentence ?

a.   Yes, please                                       c. It’s hurt                                            e. I’m afraid, I can’t

b.   I’m sorry to hear that                        d. I don’t think so


25.    From the underlined sentence, we know that Tuti is………

a.   Inviting Ms.Sherly                c. Offering something to Ms.Sherly     e. Greeting to Ms.Sherly

b.   Remembering Ms.Sherly       d. Giving sympathy to Ms.Sherly





1.      Make a short conversation about greeting ?

2.      Make a short conversation about inviting someone to a party ?

3.      What is the schematic structure of narrative text ?

4.      Comlete the sentence by using simple past tense, use the words in parentheses.

a.   Sarah            : (You, go)………… class yesterday ?

b.   Bayu             : No, I didn’t I (stay)…………at home because I (not, fee)…………….good

5.      Change the direct speech into indirect speech:

a.   Agung said, “I will go to medan tomorrow.”

b.   Mr.Sugeng said, “laksmi, turn off the light


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