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  1. there was a time, in a remote village there is a family of fishermen in the coastal regions of West Sumatra. Due to poor financial condition of the family, his father decided to make a living in the country by wading across a vast ocean. Malin’s father never returned to his home so his mother had to replace the position of Malin’s father to make a living.

    Malin including a smart kid but a little naughty. He often chasing chickens and hit him with a broom. One day, when Malin was chasing chickens, she tripped over a rock and hit a rock right arm injury. The wounds became trace dilengannya and can not be lost.

    Feeling sorry for his mother who worked hard to make a living to raise themselves. Malin decided to go wander in order to become rich after returning home soon.

    Initially Ms. Malin Kundang less agree, considering her husband never returned after going Malin wander but still insisted that he was willing to remove Malin eventually wander away aboard a merchant ship. During his time on the ship, Malin Kundang a lot to learn about seamanship on the crew who are experienced.

    Along the way, suddenly climbed Malin Kundang ships were attacked by pirates. All merchandise traders who were on the ship seized by pirates. Even most of the crew and people on the ship were killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang lucky, he was hiding in a small space enclosed by wood that was not killed by the pirates.

    Malin Kundang adrift at sea, until finally the host ship stranded on a beach. With the remaining power, Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village from the beach. Malin village where villagers stranded is very fertile. With tenacity and perseverance in work, Malin gradually managed to become a wealthy man. He has a lot of merchant ships with men of more than 100 people. After becoming rich, Malin Kundang marry a girl to be his wife.

    News Kundang who has become rich and have been married to the mother also Malin Kundang. Mother Malin Kundang feel grateful and very happy his son had succeeded. Since then, Malin’s mother every day to go to the dock, waiting for his son who might return to his hometown.

    After a long marriage, Malin and his wife set sail with the crew as well as a lot of bodyguards. Malin’s mother who saw the arrival of the ship to the dock saw two people who were standing on the deck of the ship. He believes that it is his standing, and his wife Malin Kundang.

    Malin’s mother was headed toward the ship. Once close enough, she saw the scars dilengan the right person, the more convinced his mother that he was approached Malin Kundang. “Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without sending the news?”, She said as she hugged Kundang. But look at the old woman who dressed shabby and dirty hug, Malin Kundang become angry even though he knew that the old woman was his mother, because she was embarrassed when it was known by his wife and his children.

    Received such treatment from her son, Malin Kundang mother very angry. He had not expected her to be rebellious child. Not long after returning Kundang go sailing and on the way came a violent storm destroys the ship Malin Kundang. Amid the chaos, at the same time and another place Kundang mother was praying. Because of mounting anger, he shouted, “Lord, if he was my son Malin, I curse HIM SO ROCK!”

    Right after the Kundang body slowly becomes rigid and in time they finally shaped into a rock. Until now Kundang Stone can still be seen at a beach called Sweet Water beach, in the southern city of Padang, West Sumatra.

  2. Brief History yogyakarta

    Begins with the founding of the city of Yogyakarta Gianti Agreement on February 13, 1755 Date signed Dutch Company under Governor Nicholas Hartingh signature on behalf of the Governor-General Jacob Mossel. Gianti Treaty: State Mataram was divided in two: Half the Kingdom of Surakarta still be right, the other half being the Prince Mangkubumi Rights. In the agreement it is also recognized to be the king Pengeran Mangkubumi bag half Inland Empire area of Java with a degree lane Senopati Ing Alega Abdul Rachman Sayidin Panatagama Khalifatullah.
    After completion of the Regional Distribution Agreement, which holds Pengeran Mangkubumi lane I soon determined that the Mataram area that is within the power Ngayogyakarta and was named its capital in Ngayogyakarta (Yogyakarta). This decree was announced on March 13, 1755.
    The place chosen to be the capital and administrative center of the forest is called the Banyan, where there has been a small village called Pachetokan, are there there is a rest house named Garjitowati, made ​​by His Majesty Pakubowono II first and the name was later changed to Ayodya. After determining the above announced, lane immediately ordered to the people of this forest membabad for Kraton established.

  3. Legenda Danau Maninjau – Bahasa Inggris

    Long ago, in an area in west sumatra, there is a very active volcano named Mount Tinjau. In one village at the foot of Tinjau’s brothers lived ten people consisting of nine men and one woman. Ordinary citizens about their call Bujang Sembilan. These ten brothers are Kukuban, Kudun, Bayua, Malintang, Galapuang, Balok, Batang,Bayang, and the youngest man named Kaciak. While their brother the youngest was a girl named Siti Rasani, nicknamed Sani. Both their parents died long ago, so Kukuban as the eldest son became the head of household. All decisions in his hand.
    Tenth brothers lived in a house of their parents’ heritage. To make ends meet, they worked on farms large enough legacy of their parents. They are very skilled at farming, because they diligently to help his father and mother when they were alive. In addition, they are also guided by their uncle named Datuk Limbatang, which they called Engku familiar.

    Datuk Limbatang is a mamak in the village and has a son named Giran. As a mamak, Datuk Limbatang have great responsibility to educate and watched the life of its citizens, including the nephew’s tenth man. For that, every other day, he visited the house Kukuban brothers to teach them farming skills and various customs procedures for the area. Not infrequently Datuk Limbatang also took his wife and son to participate with him.

    On one day, when Datuk Limbatang with his wife and visited the house of Bujang Sembilan, Sani accidentally exchanged Giran. Apparently, both boys and girls are equally placed liver. Sani was invited to meet Giran in a field on the riverbank. With hearts pounding, Giran even express his feelings to Sani.

    Datuk Limbatang wanted to marry his son with Sani. But the elder brother Sani, Kukuban, did not agree because Giran has been embarrass him in the martial arts arena. But eventually Datuk Limbatang not force.

    One day, Giran found treat wounds in the thigh Sani. But people think they do custom distortion. Sani and Garin brought to court. They try to convince citizens that they did not do anything.

    After that, of the second Giran lifted his hand to the sky and praying. “My God! Please hear and grant our prayers. If we were really guilty, destroy our bodies in the water hot crater of this mountain. However, if we are not guilty, this mountain letuskanlah and curses Bujang Sembilan to fish!”
    It turned out that prayer was answered. Sani and Giran jump down and submerged in the water crater. Mountain erupted, Bujang Sembilan into fish. Over time the crater of Mount View expanded and formed a lake which we now know as Lake Maninjau

  4. Name : dora wandala
    class : X5 ( CLASS X )


    Once upon a time , there was a stong son called gatotkaca .
    gatotkaca was a srong and brave man from pringgadani kingdom.
    gatotkaca was naturally born half giant . the baby was so strong that no weapon
    could cut hid umbilical cord .
    it is been a year , bimasena said sedly ” but my son stil has his umbilical cord . realize that at the same time karna . the army commander of hatidna kingdom , was meditating nearby . since the two of the looked alike , god batara narada by mistage gave a super power weapon kontowijaya to karna . then narada told arjuna his mistage , and accoringly arjuna tried to take away the weapon . the ware fighting fiercly . karna managed to keep the weapon . arjuna tried on the other hand , god the chase only . miracoulosy , the case cut gatotkaca cord and shortly after that , penetrated the baby stomach ., ‘ my goodnes ‘ said arjuna ” this will srengthen the baby . but I have a strong feeling that he’ll be killid by the weapon.
    batara narada was so amazing by the baby srength that the plannet to give more power to gatotkaca into canradimuka , whicn was the crater of mount jamurdipa . almost into the crater. the following day gatotkaca emerged from the depth in thes shape of a fully grown man with a power man with a power equel to all kinds of weaponds.
    the gods gave him a special gift : a hat called basunanda , a vest called antrakusuma , and sandals called pandacarma. with the clothes gatotkaca could fly from cloud as cloud as fast as lighting to defend not only his father and uncle but also the gods.

    CLASS: X 4 ( X )


    Once upon a time there was a stong and brave man called hercules. he lived in greece. the king was jelause of hercules because people migh make hercules tne king . therefore , he wanted to get ride of hercules to keep him away from the country .
    once has asked hercules to get theree golden aplles that only grew at a place called hesperides . no one knew the way to hes perides.
    hercules continued his journy . he meat the gaint inthe meriditalli stuch hercules with a club . hercules sharged at the giant . he lifed the giant slowi lost allhis stregh . he now plededwith hercules to puthim down . hercules asked him to tell the well hesperiends .the giant asked hercules to meet atlas . hi told him the way to the place where atlas was.
    hercules continued hid journy . he at last , met atlas and asked her hedperides was ” it is a long way from here to the place . only i cant go there. hold hi key for my . i shall get hercules thanked atlas . he requested atlas to get back the sky from him . ” take back the thousand years ! hercules was astonised at what atlas told him . but he did not expess his sky for a litle whilw longer ? I shall make a pad for my shoulders to suport thr sky . then I back the sky from hercules . hercules immadiatelly solledted the three golden appels. he bid atlas goodbye wich a mishheivous smile on his face . then the walked away towards greece leaving atlas speechless and surprised.

    • maaf mister yang cerita hercules itu punya saya , tapi saya lupa menghapus e mail dora wandala . mohon cerita itu mister anggap kalau itu punya saya BEBEN YUKA SEPTIAWAN

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